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This page provide you an overview of Tokyo Metropolitan Archives in English.You can get further information at other pages and links (written in Japanese).

About us

Tokyo Prefecture Main OfficeTokyo Prefecture Main Office (1894) Call no. 府刊C74

Tokyo Metropolitan Archives (TMA) was established on October 1, 1968.
It integrated the functions of Tokyo Metropolitan Historiographical Office and Record Keeping Section.
We are the guardian of vast amount of Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG)'s records dating back over 400 years, collecting, preserving and making them accessible and available to the public.
We also have a function of historiography on Tokyo and Edo.

On April 1 2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Archives (TMA) moved to brand new facility in Kokubunji City.
Let us show you the building on a short movie.

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Our Holdings

  1. Tokyo Prefectural Government(TPG) records (東京府文書)
    Date: 1868-1943 *national tangible cultural properties
  2. Tokyo City Government(TCG) records (東京市文書)
    Date: 1889-1943 *national tangible cultural properties
  3. Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG) records (東京都文書)
    Date: 1943-
  4. Official publications published by TPG, TCG and TMG (庁内刊行物)
    Date: 1876-
  5. Historical materials of Edo and Meiji era (江戸・明治期史料)
    Date: 1603-1912
  6. Private Archives (個人アーカイブ)
    These materials based on personal collections or archives.
  7. Books on Tokyo and Edo (図書)
  8. Maps (地図)
  9. Audio visual materials (視聴覚資料)
    movies, slides, pictures, filmstrips.
  10. Other materials (その他)
    Pictures, postcards, prints etc.

Openning Hours

  • Monday – Saturday     9:00~17:00
  • Submission of application forms By 16:30
  • Payment for copies    By 16:30
  • Reference service        By 16:30

Closed Dates

  • Sundays
  • National Holidays
  • March 31(if it is a Sunday, March 30)
  • Third Wednesdays (if it is a national holiday, the following day)
  • Special Inventory Period (within 10 days a year)
  • Year-end and New Year holidays (December 28 - January 4)


It takes about 8 minutes on foot from Nishi-Kokubunji Station(JR Chuo/Musashino line).

picture: Map of Tokyo Metropolitan Archives

Map of Tokyo Metropolitan Archives

Contact Us

2-2-21, Izumi-cho, Kokubunji city, Tokyo, 185-0024 Japan

Tel +81-42-313-8460 Fax +81-42-313-9105

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東京都公文書館 Tokyo Metropolitan Archives
2-2-21, Izumi-cho, Kokubunji city, Tokyo, 185-0024 Japan
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