Everything of Camellia In Oshima

Here is everything of camellias!

This portal site provides all kinds of information about the camellias of Oshima.
Izu-Oshima is a marvelous camellia island 100km south from Tokyo. You can see the excellent camellia gardens, the roadside trees of japonicas and sasanquas and the vast wild forests of japonicas. There is an educational curriculum about camellias in a high school.
There are camellia oil factory both in traditional style and in modern style. Besides the oil, many products are made here using camellias, such as wooden dolls, accessories of seeds, preserved camellia flowers, ceramics using camellia ash and so on. You can even eat camellias here! People have been living in this island utilizing camellias in their daily lives for hundreds of years.
From this portal site, your adventure to go around the everything of camellias on this island will begin!

Welcome to this Camellia Paradise!


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