About the Bureau of General Affairs

About the Bureau of General Affairs

The main functions of the Bureau of General Affairs may be classified into the following 4 categories: functions related to internal management of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG) and the unified process of the TMG's duties, functions related to liaison and coordination on affairs involving several bureaus, functions related to advice, liaison and coordination with wards and municipalities on administrative and fiscal management, and functions of the operating branch.

Organization of the Bureau

Division Principal operations
General Affairs Division General affairs division is in charge of the general affairs of TMG and the bureau, internal management, drafting of ordinances, documental work including interpretation of regulations, access to administrative documents held by the bureau, liaison and coordination relating to personal information held by the bureau, and duties which do not belong to other bureaus, offices and divisions. Furthermore, the division engages in administrative and civil law suits, proceedings and administrative dispositions on appeal, decisions on the amount of compensation for damages, governor's decisions on settlements and legal advice to forestall disputes.
Disaster Recovery Support Division Disaster Recovery Support Division is in charge of supporting three prefectures struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake -Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima. The division also engages in supporting the people who have evacuated from these regions and are now living in Tokyo, by working closely with related bureaus.

⇒Pertinent information Iwate Prefecture website , Miyagi Prefecture website , Fukushima Prefecture website
Administrative Reform Promotion Division Administrative Reform Promotion Division is in charge of comprehensive planning and coordination on administrative reform, planning and coordination related to information processing, duties related to information security and external audit and overall coordination including superintendence and supervision on Supervised Organizations.
Information and Communications Planning Division Information and Communications Planning Division is in charge of TMG's informatization, along with regional informatization, planning the effective use of information technology in close coordination with wards and municipalities.
The division also engages in information system and telecommunications affairs related to the maintenance and operation of the information system and telecommunication infrastructure of TMG which is the basis of informatization.
Personnel Division Personnel Division engages in duties of the governor's authority as the appointer in the area of planning, operating and coordinating personnel management, including appointment and dismissal of personnel, personnel regulations, adverse or disciplinary actions on personnel, organization, management of total number of personnel, and human resources development.
In order to ensure the consistency of the TMG's personnel management, the division coordinates with other appointers on various issues.
Furthermore, the division engages in reviewing basic working conditions including remuneration and work hours, contacting employee organizations and employee labor unions, labor management, welfare, safety(including health) management, and public duty related safety and accident compensation.
Compliance Division Compliance Division is in charge of conducting inspections on employees according to personnel regulations and investigating compensation responsibilities.
Local Administration Division Local Administration Division is in charge of advising, communicating and coordinating with local entities such as wards and municipalities on administrative and fiscal management.
Also the division engages in promoting decentralization, giving advice concerning the establishment of the regional development plan, and communicating and coordinating with relevant parties on TMG's activities related to the Tama region and the island region.
Disaster Prevention Division Disaster Prevention Division is in charge of issues including crisis management, disaster prevention plan, disaster recovery planning, investigations and public relations concerning disaster prevention, emergency measures in case of disaster, emergency wireless communications, fire fighting, disaster prevention and crisis management in the national capital region, civil protection and protection from infectious diseases. The division is promoting comprehensive disaster prevention measures including crisis management in relation with administrative organs including the national government, wards and municipalities, neighbor local entities. Further more, the division is working closely with other disaster prevention related public bodies such as the police department, fire department, Self Defence Force, and also private entities.

Division website
Statistics Division Statistics Division conducts various statistical surveys, processes and analyses the statistical data in order to provide statistical information not only to be utilized internally, but to be provided to wards, municipalities and the citizens of Tokyo.

Division website
Human Rights Division Human Rights Division is in charge of comprehensive human rights measures including planning and coordinating human rights measures, educating and spreading the importance to respect human rights, and coordinating with relevant counseling centers in order to realize a society where each of the citizen's human rights are respected.
Furthermore, the division communicates and coordinates with relevant groups and organizations for the swift resolution of the Dowa issue, a discrimination which is inherent to Japan.

⇒Pertinent information Tokyo Metropolitan Human Rights Promotion Center website
Oshima Island Branch Office Tokyo's administrative district is widespread, starting from the land area of the Kanto Plain to the insular parts of the Izu Island chain and the Ogasawara Islands. In order to implement TMG's measures smoothly and efficiently in the island municipality and village regions, TMG has established branch offices which act as comprehensive local administrative organs. The branch office has various functions, including the assessment and collection of local tax and the promotion of social welfare and industrial development.
Miyake Island Branch Office
Hachijo Island Branch Office
Ogasawara Islands Branch Office


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