About the movie "Never forget you"

Main Theme

Picture of Non

You were here who lost your life.
You were here who suffered from the disaster.
You were here who supported us.
You were here who thought about us from overseas.
You were here who embraced our traditional culture, our region and our life.
You were here who offered your assistance to help us.
You are here who are grateful to all of them, and you step forward to the future with pride.

We will not forget all of you.
We will bring all our thoughts to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
And we want to share the thoughts with all of you in the world.

March 11, 2011 14:46:18 (Japan time)

Picture of tsunami

March 11, 2011 14:46:18 (Japan time) at 130 km off east-southeast coast of Oshika Peninsula, in Miyagi Prefecture., an unprecedented earthquake called the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. The magnitude 9.0 was the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan at the time of its occurrence.
The damage covered the whole eastern Japan. The three northeastern prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, which were close to the epicenter of the quake, have experienced particularly serious damage. A huge tsunami occurred less than 30 minutes after the earthquake. Then, earthquakes and tsunamis took away many lives, and nuclear disasters also took away people's lives.
But at the same time, it was also the beginning of a challenge to overcome deep sorrow and pain, to restore the daily life the victims lost , the forests, the mountains, the oceans, and the industries and traditions which they develop before.
Now, the three prefectures in Tohoku are making new efforts to rebuild the region, including industries, tourism and traditional culture, while facing numerous challenges. They are still striving for the future, pledging to rebuild to the many people who supported us from abroad and Japan, and to the many precious lives we lost. The movie, "Never Forget You" and this website is the one to share our stories with you.

Picture of people

A metaphor of the pledge

Picture of Non

There were people who had left for far beyond the sea. Many people supported the victims in the devastated area from all over the world. The disastar victims who live in the present, face the sea with gratitude and the pledge to rebuild to each of you.
I will not forget all of "you".
A girl with a parasol, standing under the sun and the wind from the sea is there as a metaphor of the pledge while receiving the sunshine and the wind of the three northeastern prefectures surrounded by the sea.


A girl with a parasol

Picture of Non

NonActress, Creative Artist

Non was born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1993. She has a great multiplicity of talents as a Japanese actress, fashion model, musician, and painter. In the animated film, "In This Corner Of The World", was released in 2016, Non performed the main character "Hojo Suzu" brilliantly as a voice actor. It was chosen as the best Japanese film of the 10-best films of the 90th Kinema Junpo and won the best animation film of the 40th Japan Academy Film Prize and many prizes.
In 2017, she launched a new label called "KAIWA(RE)CORD", which she represents. She released singles that "I want to be a Super Heroes (Super Hero ni naritai)" , "RUN!!!" and an album "Super Heroes". In 2018, a concert tour was held at 4 locations in Japan.
She is painting and making clothes as a creative artist, and the photo collection and a Mook(magazinish book) were published. From 2018, the exhibition "Solo Show ? Girls Bare Their Fangs" is held in Shibuya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sendai and all over Japan.


  • Picture of Sharla


    A pioneer of foreign YouTube creators who introduces Japan to the world, She was born in Canada. She experienced a "working holiday" and studied abroad in Iwate Prefecture. After she got back to Canada, she was shocked by the "Great East Japan Earthquake" and returned to Japan. She has lived in Japan for more than ten years. She started the YouTube channel "Sharla in Japan" in September 2011, when she was in Japanese University. She is interested in the good old Japanese culture and cultural climate, so she has visited all over Japan. She introduces various aspects of Japan such as travel and food with the advantage that she is a vegetarian.

  • Picture of Chris Broad

    Chris BroadYouTuber

    Moved to Yamagata in 2012 from the UK for the JET program to teach English right after the "Great East Japan Earthquake".
    Created his own YouTube channel “Abroad in Japan” to share the beauty of Japan, especially the Tohoku area, with people from all over the world.
    Spoke at TED x Tohoku University and appeared on several platforms as a YouTuber to promote Japan based on his own experiences.

  • Picture of Zoe

    Zoё VincentOverseas Promotion Specialist

    She was born in United Kingdom. She was an exchange student from the University of Edinburgh to Waseda University in Japan. After graduating from university, she worked as an English teacher in Nagasaki Prefecture. And she has been working as a Overseas promotion Specialist in the "Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association" since August 2016. She has posted about sightseeing information of Fukushima Prefecture on her blog and Instagram with the theme of "Rediscover Fukushima" to overseas. She has also held a "hospitality" workshop to serve foreigners, and she offers support to receive the inbound customers to the municipals as well.


Picture of Yoshihito Hideshima

Yoshihito HideshimaFilm director, script writer / stage director, event director. Chairman of MOVE, Social Net Project, a nonprofit corporation. President of FOR THE ONE PROJECT.

After being a supervisor of a theatrical company, Hideshima studied at Modern drama department of Toho under theater critics such as Mr. Tamotsu Watanabe, Mr. Yoshio Ozasa, Mr. Hiroyuki Fujiki, and Mr. Toshikiyo Masumi, a director. Through films, theaters, and social events, he created many works with the themes of human rights and social issues. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he has operated the "Fukushima Minato Mirai Juku", a project which connects the Fukushima prefecture and Minato-ward of the metropolitan area and aims to secure a new relationship between the urban area and disaster area.
His major works include "Documentary Film Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Tokyo University of the Arts" (sponsored by Tokyo University of the Arts), "Ozaki Yutaka eyes" (narrated by Hiroko Nakajima), "Love Letter" (featuring and screen play by Yumiko Fujita), "Mienai Line (Invisible Line)" (featuring Kunihiko Mitamura), "Hakushi no Page (White Page)" (Outstanding award of Educational film) and "Minna Ikiteiru (Everybody is Alive)" (Audience choice award of Porepore film festival). He has written books such as "Shishunki no Kokoro wo Tsukamu Kaiwajutsu (Conversation skill to attract the adolescent hearts)" (published by Gakuyo Shobo) and more.

Music design

Kei Sato

Kei SatoPresident of D,IOS corporation.

Born in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi. His former residence which survived the Great East Japan Earthquake was used as a shelter for the victims. Besides music selection, he has been involved in popular Japanese films as a music editor.
His major works include "Hanochi" (featuring Akira Terao, directed by Kiyoshi Sasabe), "Chronicle of My Mother" (featuring Koji Yakusho and Kirin Kiki, directed by Masato Harada), "Norwegian Woods" (featuring Kenichi Matsuyama, directed by Tran Anh Hung), "Postcard" (featuring Etsushi Toyokawa, directed by Kaneto Shindo), "Abacus and Sword" (featuring Masato Sakai, directed by Yoshimitsu Morita), "Kiseki no Ringo" (featuring Sadawo Abe, directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura), "Kita no Sakuramori" (featuring Sayuri Yoshinaga, directed by Yojiro Takita) and more.